Chandrayaan-3 leaves Earth’s influence after 17 days in orbit. Next stop: Moon

Chandrayaan-3 leaves Earth’s influence after 17 days in orbit. Next stop: Moon

India’s Third Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-3 headed to the Moon after spending 17 days in orbit around the Earth. After the long journey, its Trans Lunar Injection (TLI) burn, a 20 minutes engine firing, slingshot it out of the Earth’s influence and set it on course to the Moon.

On the intervening night of Monday-Tuesday, 31st of July and 1st of August, ISRO’s tracking, telemetry and command facility, ISTRAC, completed the mission’s perigee-firing and injected Chandrayaan-3 into Translunar orbit. On the upcoming 5th of August, the Lunar-Orbit Insertion (LOI) is planned.

To reach farther out into space, Chandrayaan-3 is using Hohmann Transfer Orbits. This technique helps the spacecraft to move away from the Earth and efficiently reach its destination. With heavy built powerful rockets, such as America’s Space Launch System, a craft of 40 tonnes can be propelled to Moon in less than a week.

Considering that ISRO’s LVM3 has only a fraction of the lifting power of global super-heavy rockets, the Indian Space Agency is using a longer time-consuming method to get its 3.9-tonne craft to the Moon.

The craft will travel five days to reach a pre-determined point in space where the Moon will also be at the time and will then be captured by the Moon’s gravitational pull, placing it in orbit around the Moon.

ISRO plans for Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar landing at 5:47 pm Indian Standard Time on the 23rd of August. The mission will last for one Lunar day which is 14 Earth days. It will have the objective to land near the Lunar south pole (80 degrees latitude) and explore the unexplored region.

The Vikram lander will have to land at the start of the Lunar day in order to make use of the available sunlight and operate its science payloads. With the completion of Translunar Injection, the Indian Space Agency continues its success of launching complex and distant space missions

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