Burning Man Update: Exodus Wait Time, Travel Information as Road Reopens

Burning Man Update: Exodus Wait Time, Travel Information as Road Reopens

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The Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, has recently ended with the reopening of the roads leading out of the festival site. Since flooding had caused the road closures, festival goers had been stranded at the festival for days. However, about 2 p.m. local on Monday, organizers began the “exodus operations” which allowed attendees to leave and begin their journey home.

According to Burning Man Traffic on Twitter, the wait time to leave the grounds was approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes. They urged drivers to secure their load with straps, rope, bungee cords or netting as the wind can be quite strong at speeds of 60 miles per hour. However, this wait time soon deteriorated to 6 hours due to the amount of traffic leaving.

Organizers warned those leaving to be aware of the wet and muddy conditions in some areas, and many were reluctant to join the long wait time. Burning Man Traffic urged individuals to wait until Tuesday morning when traffic had potentially died down and they would be able to make their way home more easily.

The Burning Man Festival concluded at 8 p.m. on Tuesday with a temple burn event, which was live-streamed. Unfortunately, a tragedy had occurred earlier in the weekend with one reported death. But, despite this unfortunate incident, attendees made the most of their remaining time at Burning Man.

This year, Burning Man was a memorable event for all, and the roads leading away from the festival were opened in time for attendees to continue their journey home

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