Benchmark International Facilitated the Transaction Between Hole Montes, Inc. and Bowman Consulting Group Ltd.

Benchmark International Facilitated the Transaction Between Hole Montes, Inc. and Bowman Consulting Group Ltd.

Napels, FL – July 16, 2023. Today, Hole Montes announced its acquisition by Bowman, a renown national professional services firm, with groundbreaking expertise and specializing in multi-disciplinary engineering, planning, and surveying. CEO Bob Mulhere said of the transaction, “Working with Bowman during the diligence and pre-integration period has given us tremendous comfort that this is the next step for our leadership, employees, and customers,” adding that the acquisition provides “growth and expansion opportunities for our people.”

Gary Bowman, CEO of Bowman, echoed the sentiment and expressed delight at the acquisition: “Hole Montes is a well-respected firm with a long-established presence in Southwest Florida. They possess expertise and client relationships that complement ours and will benefit from our national platform. Most importantly, their culture aligns seamlessly with ours, which will enable immediate work-sharing and collaboration. We expect to recognize meaningful revenue synergies over time from this combination.”

Benchmark International was key to the achievement of a successful transaction. Senior Associate Justin Gottschalk praised Hole Montes’ leadership for their commitment and efficiency: “It was a pleasure getting to work with Bob and the Hole Montes team for this transaction. From the beginning, this opportunity garnered strong interest from the market. Our client was able to meet with a wide array of buyers and review many different proposals for the business. Once Bowman was selected, there was strong collaboration on getting to the finish line which resulted in a very smooth transaction from start to end. We appreciate Bowman’s professional process and are very happy for the result for our clients at Hole Montes. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for both parties!”

The acquisition of Hole Montes by Bowman further solidifies the national platform of Bowman and sets it up for sustainable growth and expansion in the future. Together, the two companies will provide cutting-edge engineering services thanks to the combination of their respective expertise and skill sets. It is an exciting time for attendees of both firms, and those looking for comprehensive civil engineering solutions in Southwest Florida can rely on Bowman and Hole Montes to deliver top-notch results

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