At least 30 martyred, over 50 injured in Peshawar Mosque blast

At least 30 martyred, over 50 injured in Peshawar Mosque blast

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When tragedy strikes our communities it can be difficult to comprehend the loss of life and share in the grief of those affected. On Friday, while worshippers in the Koocha Risaldqar locality were gathered to observe Jumma prayer, tragedy struck and an explosion resulted in the martyrdom of at least 30 people with another 50 people injured.

Reports soon after the blast indicate that police and rescue teams have been dispatched to the scene to begin their investigation into the cause of the explosion, while also performing any required emergency medical treatments on the injured and transferring them to nearby hospitals.

This strange and tragic event takes away innocent lives, and it feels all the more devastating knowing that the victims were at prayer when the blast occurred. We can only hope that the police investigation brings understanding to this tragedy, but in the meantime the families of the victims are grieving and the wounded are being treated.

The loss of life has been difficult to come to terms with. Despite the grief felt by the community, it also serves as a reminder of the strength of the people. First responders have gone above and beyond in the face of tragedy and injured have been swiftly transported to nearby hospitals while investigations into the explosion continue.

The community in Koocha Risaldqar has shown strength and resilience in the face of tragedy and it is a testament to those martyrs and victims that the response has been to come together in unity and support for each other. It is in these moments of tragedy that the power of people can be highlighted and remembered.

Our hearts go out to the families of those martyrs and victims, and we send our continued support and prayers in their difficult times

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