Archaeologists in Louisiana save artifacts dating back 12,000 years from natural disasters, looters

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This summer, archaeologists have been hard at work uncovering the secrets of our past in a major archaeological site located in Central Louisiana. Located in Vernon Parish in the Kisatchie National Forest, the site was originally discovered by surveyors in 2003. In the past few months, Hurricanes Laura and Delta have uprooted trees and exposed some of the artifacts, making it even easier for archaeologists to unearth and preserve evidence of prehistoric occupation.

The U.S. Forest Service is leading the archaeological survey of the area. The Forest Service has been excavating the site since June and is the primary organization in charge of preserving, protecting, and collecting data on the valuable artifacts found there. So far, a variety of archeologically significant items have been uncovered, including stone tools, pottery, and animal bones.

As archaeologists continue to excavate the site, they’re hoping to gain valuable insights into the lifeways and culture of the prehistoric societies who once occupied the area. It’s hoped that the artifacts will help paint a detailed portrait of what everyday life was like for the people who lived in this part of Louisiana during the prehistoric period. From how they ate to what kinds of tools they used, archaeologists will be able to learn a great deal from what has been found at the site.

In addition to the artifacts that have already been recovered, archaeologists are also analyzing the soils in the area to uncover details about the environment the people lived in several thousand years ago. By doing so, they can build a stronger understanding about why the site had been chosen by the prehistoric peoples, how they adapted to the surrounding area, and how their lifestyle evolved over time.

The artifacts at the Vernon Parish site, which has yet to be identified by archaeologists, are providing an unprecedented look into the lives of the prehistoric peoples who once lived here. As the excavation reveals more of its secrets, archaeologists will be able to deepen our understanding of the people, their culture, and their lifestyles throughout history

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