Analyst: the Apple Watch X will be the biggest upgrade yet with new body, straps and sensors

Analyst: the Apple Watch X will be the biggest upgrade yet with new body, straps and sensors

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Apple is taking a new approach for its upcoming watch release – the Apple Watch Series 9. Despite many predictions that the new watch would be heavily upgraded, it seems that come launch day, users will be disappointed. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Series 9 will feature minor improvements like a faster chipset and new colors, and not much else.

Apple is now in an internal discussion about rethinking how the watch generation cycle works, as in less frequent updates but with more significant upgrades. This may be Apple’s way of attempting to steal users away from other smartwatch brands.

The 10th generation of the Apple Watch is right around the corner and it’s being aptly renamed the Watch X. Unlike the Series 9, the X will be the most substantial upgrade yet, with rumors of thinner cases and a magnetic attachment system for straps. It also makes sense that the 10th-gen. watch will come with watchOS 10, a complete rewrite of Apple’s wrist-worn OS.

Additionally, the Watch X will feature the latest advances in display technology, such as microLED screens and, hopefully, a blood pressure sensor. All of these components could be enough to make next year’s watch a success, despite the Series 9 setbacks.

Apple is aiming high for its upcoming Watch X. With new features that really show off the innovation that the Apple Watch has to offer, it looks like the wearable might earn its place back at the top of the smartwatch chain. We’ll just have to wait until later next year to find out

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