Amit Shah and Naveen Patnaik shower praise on each other 

Amit Shah and Naveen Patnaik shower praise on each other 

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Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik shared the dais in the inauguration of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) projects in Bhubaneswar and had kind words for each other in a rare display of camaraderie.

Shah acknowledged that the state government had made significant strides in curbing the naxal menace with a 30% decrease in the number of naxal incidents, a 32% decrease in encounters, and a 56% decrease in death of security personnel between 2015-2019. He thanked the Odisha government and Naveen Patnaik for their cooperation.

Besides this, the Union Home Minister lauded the Odisha government’s weighty role in disaster management. Shah admitted that the Odisha government had set a precedence for the centre with their active and new disaster management initiatives. He was proud that Odisha had become synonymous with a zero-casualties record during cyclones.

In response, Naveen Patnaik showed his appreciation towards the centre for its support in the state’s development agenda.

It is heartening to see two important members of different governments come together and take a joint stand in favour of the nation’s betterment. It is only hope that they continue to work together in unison to support the country and help its citizens. Both their efforts should be appreciated for their support in reducing conflict, naxalism, and tackling natural disasters

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