Adrian Amos’ Jets decision came with Aaron Rodgers recommendation

Adrian Amos’ Jets decision came with Aaron Rodgers recommendation

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Aaron Rodgers’ Impact on the Jets Goes Beyond the Offense

Aaron Rodgers’ impact on the Jets goes far beyond the offensive side of the team; he’s been recruiting players to join him in New York and run defense. Recently, Aaron called safety Adrian Amos to welcome him to the Jets after Amos signed a one-year, $1.75 million contract with the team.

“When it was time,” Amos said, “of course it boosts it when you know somebody there and you know somebody can play ball.” Amos is a veteran of the league, with 122 career starts spread out over 8 seasons. After veteran safety Chuck Clark was sidelined for the season due to an ACL tear in OTAs, the Jets acted quickly to bring Amos in.

“Anywhere I go, I think I’m the guy they’d want,” Amos said. “In the league, I’ve been ‘the guy’ since Day 1. Even when I was a fifth-round [draft pick] and came in and had to earn a spot, that’s just my mentality.” Amos is a three-time PFF top-10 ranked safety and in 2020 was number 2 overall.

Though Amos did not know that Clark was injured until almost the signing, the league’s unfortunate circumstances have opened a door for Amos to join Jordan Whitehead in the defensive backfield. He is confident in his ability and is eager to compete for the starting spot, reinforcing the team’s shared mentality of coming to work and being an asset to the team.

Amos and Rodgers’ relationship is not just limited to the Jets’ organization. Amos spent four seasons with Rodgers at the Packers and knows his tendencies on the field. “He switches up the cadence, he can make every throw so you have to be honest, he can throw certain things blind so you have to be tuned in with your keys and can’t watch him the entire time,” Amos said. “He’s competitive and you want to beat him every day, so that will elevate the team.”

Thanks to Aaron Rodgers’ recruiting efforts, the Jets defense is now more fortified and determined to meet the demands that Rodgers brings. Although it may be difficult to overcome such a challenge with the current roster, Rodgers’ competitive spirit on and off the field will continue to push the team forward

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