21-Yeae-Old Hen Named “Peanut” Breaks World Record for Oldest Chicken

21-Yeae-Old Hen Named “Peanut” Breaks World Record for Oldest Chicken

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At the tender age of 21, Peanut the chicken has been declared the world’s oldest living chicken by Guinness World Records and even has a children’s book written about her. Peanut is a beloved animal in Darwin’s Eden–the 37-acre farm her owner Darwin and her husband Bill run in Chelsea, Michigan.

Peanut hatched in May 2002 with a birth defect – she didn’t have an egg tooth, the part of the beak chicks use to break out of their eggs. Her biological mother rejected her, so Darwin took care of her by hand, even keeping her in a cage in the living room when she was young. As she grew up, Peanut quickly joined the other chickens of Darwin’s Eden and lived in a coop for 13 years. She even had her own chicks, many of whom were fathered by her favorite rooster, Lance.

Although Peanut is too old to have more chicks, she has found companionship in recent years with Benny, a one-eyed rooster who looks after her. Darwin and Bill had the great honor of seeing Peanut recognized for her long life by the Guinness World Records and have documented this special journey for generations to come in their children’s book “My Girl Peanut and Me – On Love and Life From the World’s Oldest Chicken.”

The incredible story of Peanut not only highlights the remarkable life she’s lived, but also serves as a reminder to cherish those who are part of our lives no matter their age. Peanut is the epitome of unconditional love, perseverance, and acceptance, inspiring us all to do the same

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