2023 Fantasy Football Draft Rankings: Running Backs

2023 Fantasy Football Draft Rankings: Running Backs

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Running backs may have been taking a backseat to wide receivers in the NFL for several years now, however, they remain a critical part of any fantasy football team. With the emergence of McCaffrey, Ekeler, and Chubb, the running back position has taken on new life. This season, we are seeing a crop of fresh faces such as Robinson, Gibbs, and Taylor whose potential is yet to be fully unleashed.

In fantasy football, Christian McCaffrey is the unanimous top pick. After McCaffrey there is a debate regarding who should be the next picked. With the addition of these new faces there is a lot of excitement and hope that they will meet the high expectations. Robinson is being viewed as the Saquon Barkley 2.0 and Gibbs being compared to Alvin Kamara due to his receiving skills.

Not all fantasy owners are happy with the potential RB pickings for this season. With more and more committees to monitor and fewer automatic fantasy RB1s available, the process is becoming much more difficult to navigate.

For those owners that wish to get a leg up on the competition this season, they can check out the 2023 Fantasy Football draft rankings from Yahoo Sports and FantasyPros. Of course, no one can predict how these players will turn out for your team. As such, it is important to have a game plan and a strategy to maximize each pick.

Ultimately, the running back position is still crucial to any fantasy football team. Choosing the right running back can mean the difference between a successful season and a forgettable one so choose wisely. There are plenty of players to choose from, the key is utilizing the resources available and having an eye for potential. With the right picks, you can be the fantasy football champion you’ve always wanted to be!

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